Gravstrap is a huge project made by two components: the Grav CMS plugin and a theme built on top of that component. Its purpose is to let you build awesome websites adding Bootstrap Framework components to your web site, using the powerful shortcodes technology.

Gravstrap Plugin

Gravstrap is a Grav plugin that gives you the ability to use Bootstrap elements as shortcodes. A shortcode is defined by a simple structure and it is added to a Grav page to render a full component like a simple button, or a more complex one like a carousel or a navbar, till a full complex module, like a portfolio.

An example can better explain how a shortcode is made and how it works:

[g-navbar name=navbar brand_text="Gravstrap theme"]
    [g-navbar-menu id=menu_0 alignment="center"][/g-navbar-menu]
    [g-navbar-menu id=menu_1 icon_type="fontawesome" alignment="right"]
        [link url="" icon="twitter"][/link]
        [link url="" icon="github"][/link]

The shortcode shown above, renders the toolbar of this website.

Gravstrap plugin provides 30+ shortcodes you can use for free in your web site:

  • 6 Basic shortcodes
  • 17 Bootstrap shortcodes
  • 7 Modules
  • 2 Footers

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Gravstrap Theme

Gravstrap Theme is built on top of Gravstrap Plugin, implementing a full web site based on the components provided by that plugin. It is perfect to start a new Bootstrap custom theme or to create your unique design.

The web site implements three different home pages: the first one is a single Grav page made by all the Gravstrap modules shortcodes, the second home page uses a carousel as header and the third one is demonstration to show how you can implement a single page web site, using the Gravstrap plugin..

Next, you will find a full customizable author page, and a versatile template you can use for internal pages. At last a full blog is provided, powered by the Blog Injector plugin.

A section has been reserved to show in action all the available shortcodes provided by the Gravstrap plugin and the code to implement them.

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Latest themes

Explore the latest themes I developed for Grav CMS, then choose your favorite one to start your next awesome Grav powered web site. They are all released under the MIT License, so you can use them for both personal and commercial projects.

Latest plugins

Explore the latest plugins I developed for Grav CMS. A Grav plugin adds a task which is usually not covered by the CMS core. Gravstrap, Blog Injector, Cookies Policy disclaimer plugins are just some of them. As for themes, they are all released under the MIT License.

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