Some days before the end of the year, Andy Miller, the Grav CMS team leader wrote to me, letting me know that someone raised up this consideration about the Blog plugin:

Hey there, can I have a word about your "Blog" plugin. This has been causing some confusion. People are thinking you need this to run a blog, or they try to run it with antimatter and have problems. I think it would be best if you rename it to something more descriptive it's too general and too confusing as-is

That was a good observation, so we decided to change the name of the Blog plugin to Blog Injector.

Today I've completed the plugin migration and I've updated the documentation according with the changes made.

If you used an old version of this plugin, you should update it, better using GPM from the command line: just uninstall the previous version, then install the new one.

Next, you must rename the config/blog.yaml file to config/blog-injector.yaml, if you customized the configuration.

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