Eager is a web application which promises to let you take the control of your website, improving it with apps you can install in seconds.

And that's really true.

Eager defines an app as:

"A bundle of code which runs on your site. That code can create visual elements like PACE, can run code in the background like Google Analytics, or can even change how your site performs like InstantClick."

An Eager app is just a combination of html, javascript and css that takes care to manage a specific task, like adding a contact form, or social icons, a google map and so on, without adding a line of code to your website.

A very important thing to consider is that Eager apps do not live on your website. In fact Eager takes care to serve them to your website:

"Eager apps always run only in your visitor’s browser. We never run code on your server, making Eager apps more secure and modern than many alternatives."

This kind of architecture could open a security hole if an application contains malicious code. Eager solves this important task in a very elegant way:

"Installing plugins onto your web server can be very dangerous. Malicious plugin makers can include code which exploits your systems or your users. Careless plugins can introduce security vulnerabilities allowing your systems to be hacked. Eager plugins are 100% client-side, meaning we never run code on your systems, leaving them safe and secure."

That's really amazing. Let's start giving a look to this application in detail.

You can install Eager on your website by adding a small javascript. This code is available from Eager's home page.

Install Eager

You need to click the Get Eager button to pick the unique code you will use on your website. You must tell Eager if you want to use the Wordpress plugin or if you are installing on another website. My website runs on Grav CMS, so I will choose the Embed code option.

Website tye

Next, you just need to copy the code they serve to the Header section of your website, then you must open your website. Now it appears as in the image below:

Website type

Eager wraps your website with a message you can only see, so just click on the Let's install an app button to choose an app.

Eager's welcome page

Eager creates a temporary account, you can use to browse and preview apps on your website.

Eager temporary account

Now you just need to select an app from the apps list and click on the Install button to install it for your website.

Eager's apps list

I choose the LeadBox app, which adds a nice popup dialog in the bottom right corner to each page of my website, to subscribe users to my website.

LeadBox configuration page

When you are ready to publish your app, click on the Install button, but, you must subscribe to Eager before they can serve apps to your website.

Signin to Eager

After subscription, the app has been installed

App installed

and it is immediately available on your website

LeadBox in action

Eager is a great innovation for website developers, because they can get a huge variety of tools they can add to each website in seconds, without adding new code to the website itself.

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