Gravstrap Theme can be also used to build Single Page websites in a very simple way.

To enable this feature you need to implement a [modular page] then you must to enable the onepage option on a toolbars's menu:

[g-navbar name=navbar2 fixed=top centering=none brand_text="Gravstrap theme" render=false]
    [g-navbar-menu icon_type="fontawesome" alignment="right"]
        [g-link url="" icon_type="fontawesome" icon="facebook"][/g-link]
        [g-link url="" icon="twitter"][/g-link]
        [g-link url="" icon="rss"][/g-link]
    [g-navbar-menu id=menu21 alignment="center" onepage=true][/bootstrap-navbar-menu]

Please note that you cannot add a shortcode which is not immediately render to a modular page, so you need to add a [header module] or to the common page.

Next, in the templates that renders each single module, you must provide an id attribute called as the page's directory name. If you implement a module's template called awesome_module.html.twig, you will implement a folder to handle this page, called _awesome_module: this is the name for the idyou must use in your theme:

{# templates/modular/awesome_module.html.twig #}

<section id="_awesome_module">
    Something special happens here

If you use a shortcode module, you must provide the same is in the attributes property:

[g-clients attributes="id:_clients,class:clients module"]

## Show out the clients who trust your business
Use the `Clients module` to show your customers, the clients who already trust your business


[g-clients-item image="apple.svg" attributes="class:col-md-3"][/g-clients-item]
[g-clients-item image="canon.svg" attributes="class:col-md-3"][/g-clients-item]
[g-clients-item image="forbes.svg" attributes="class:col-md-3"][/g-clients-item]
[g-clients-item image="hp.svg" attributes="class:col-md-3"][/g-clients-item]
[g-clients-item image="intel.svg" attributes="class:col-md-3"][/g-clients-item]
[g-clients-item image="samsung.svg" attributes="class:col-md-3"][/g-clients-item]
[g-clients-item image="siemens.svg" attributes="class:col-md-3"][/g-clients-item]
[g-clients-item image="vaio.svg" attributes="class:col-md-3"][/g-clients-item]


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